Break Through To Your Breakthrough

Break Through to Your BreakthroughBreak Through To Your Breakthrough is a story of faith and hope, an inspiring word of strength and perseverance. It takes you on a journey of how to discover Breakthrough in every area of one’s life. It is a real life illustration of how God walks with you and teaches you how to trust Him, how to get to know Him intimately, and how to use the power of His word to live victoriously even through life’s greatest challenges.

While each person’s challenge and strongholds may differ, God is no respecter of person, which means Breakthrough is available to anyone and everyone who believes. You are intended for greatness, so join the author and experience the miracle of discovering God’s awesome plan for your life as you break through to your breakthrough.

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Brandy Shiloh is dedicated to inspiring people to be the best they can be. Through her Christian Ministry she encourages people all over the world to believe there is no situation too difficult to overcome. More...

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